Winrock International announces a call for applications to participate in the Safe Migration in Central Asia

Winrock International announces a call for applications to participate in the Safe Migration in Central Asia (SMICA). SMICA is a five-year project implemented by Winrock International in Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Under this RFA, the SMICA project in Kazakhstan project is seeking interested applicants who can support one or more of the objectives outlined in the program description that can be accessed via the link below.

Activities should support at-risk populations to improve their knowledge and skills about safe migration and trafficking-in-persons (TIP), protect their rights, and find safe employment. Activities with private sector engagement should help vulnerable people improve their ability to find safe employment and protect their rights. This may include targeted public awareness, outreach materials, vocational training, or training on safe and responsible migration. Grant results should include an increased number of private sector companies that take action to address ethical recruitment, safe migration, and TIP.

Direct support activities for migrants and their families, as well as victims of human trafficking may include livelihood support, counseling or legal services, and information about how to stay safe during COVID-19 situation. The results of the Covid-19 situation may lead to increased vulnerability, less opportunity to migrate abroad, and a reduction 4 Request for Applications (RFA) | JUNE 2020 in remittances. This may mean more families and children who need assistance and an increased number of migrants who are vulnerable to exploitation.

Purpose of the program: SMICA raises awareness and promotes behavior changes among migrants to safeguard their rights, while connecting them to support and services and highlighting their contributions to host communities. The project also promotes policy reform and government capacity strengthening to assist at-risk groups and trafficking survivors.

Eligibility: This solicitation is open to all organizations including non-profit and for-profit non-US organizations that are legally registered or otherwise authorized to conduct business in the applicant’s country or countries of operation.

Application Deadline: June 13, 2020

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