History of the Center

Grant financing of non-governmental organizations, introduced since 2016, taking into account international experience, has proved to be one of the effective measures of state support for NGOs. The operator of grant financing is a specially created Center. The Center itself can receive support, both from the state and from extra-budgetary sources, for example, from foreign donors. At the same time, the Operator Center must annually publicly report to the public on the work done. The practice of grant financing by a specially created legal entity, separate from the state, is popular abroad. In countries such as Russia, USA, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Estonia, grants are provided by a separate legal entity created in the form of a non-profit organization.

Since its establishment in 2016, the Center for Support of Civil Initiatives has implemented almost 400 state grants totaling about 7 billion tenge. Within the framework of the state grants tool, we support strategic and national long-term projects with a period of implementation from 1 to 3 years.

So, in 2026, the Center implemented 11 projects, in 2017 already 57. In 2018, 28 projects were implemented, in 2019 the number of implemented projects increased to 130. In 2020, 117 projects were implemented, and in 2021 – 51 projects.