Results of the competition for grants for non-governmental organizations

Publication: 02.09.2019

Civil Initiatives Support Center publishes the list of winners by results of competition Commission for repeated tender, announced on 9 August 2019 on the basis of Plan grants for non-governmental organizations to 2019, approved by order of Minister of information and social development of the Republic of Kazakhstan from August 8, 2019 No. 270.

The meeting of the competition Commission was held on September 2, 2019 at 15:00.

According to the results of the evaluation of applications from NGOs, the competition Commission decides on the provision of state grants to the following applicants with the highest number of points:

  1. Theme No.28 “Holding” Hackathon “Social Assembly” for talented youth, students, young professionals from rural youth “- Grantee Public Fund “Vmeste s nami”
  2. Theme No. 37 “Improving the activities of youth labor groups” – Grantee NGO “center for Mediation and Peacemaking “Alternative”
  3. Topic No. 40 “Development of a conceptual approach for implementation of the state youth policy” is the Grantee Public Fund “Applied research Center “TALAP»
  4. Theme No.17 “Catalyzing sustainability of the capacity of NGOs in the Atyrau oblast” – Grantee Association of legal entities “Civil Alliance of Atyrau region”
  5. Theme No. 27, “Capacity building of rural NGOs in West Kazakhstan region” – Grantee Public Association “Jaiik tany”
  6. Topic No. 42 “Project on combating corruption” – the Beneficiary Public Foundation “Zertteu Research Institute»