May 28 will be a meeting with grantees

Publication: 24.05.2019

May 28, 2019 at 15:00 hours in the city of Nur-Sultan, Ministry of information and social development of the Republic of Kazakhstan it is planned to conduct meetings with grantees on improving the quality of implementation of grant projects, and discussion of issues relating to the implementation of mutual obligations.

The event is planned to be attended by representatives of the Ministry of information and public development of Kazakhstan, NAO “Center for support of civil initiatives” and representatives of NGOs that won projects in 2019.

Currently, since April 2019, 55 projects are being implemented, and since June, 54 projects will be launched, covering the activities of the “Year of youth”, the development of innovative activity of young people, support for local youth initiatives aimed at improving the environment, mediation among young people and other projects.

Also this year, the implementation of 12 three-year projects has been launched, which indicates the sustainability of support for civil sector initiatives.