The United Nations Development Programme in Kazakhstan is looking for CSO partners, including NGOs for the implementation of the Project «Almaty irrigation water supply and sanitation improvement»

Publication: 09.12.2022

CSOs, NGOs, and CBOs based and operating in Kazakhstan are requested to submit their proposals as a potential Responsible Party to UNDP on implementing the UNDP-TCCF Project “Almaty irrigation water supply and sanitation improvement”.
Purpose of the project:
  • To expand irrigated arable land areas, reduce the extent of degraded wastelands, restore agricultural landscapes, and sanitation of drinking water in three neighborhoods, and four high schools in the rural suburbs of the Almaty region.

Objectives of the project:

  • To establish a series of farmer’s centered demonstration plots on the restoration of degraded formerly irrigated lands
  • To conduct and mobilize a wide range of community leaders, teachers, students, and other agricultural producers on capacity and awareness-raising and local qualification enhancement courses, workshops, and training.

The budget must not exceed the equivalent of USD $80,000.

  • The CSO/NGO/CBO must meet the following criteria to be eligible for selection:
    • Legally registered in the Republic of Kazakhstan and in possession of a valid registration certificate.
    • Mandate and founding documents should be in line with the activities for which the fund is being sought.
    • Have at least two years of experience in the areas of project management, experimentation, analytical and research studies, institutional development in the agricultural sector, WASH, capacity building, and awareness-raising.
    • Experience working with UNDP, and other international organizations will be an advantage.
    • List of implemented projects or provided similar services in the past three years.
    • Politically neutral.

Application Deadline: December 20, 2022, 17:00 (Astana time)

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