The UN Trust Fund announces call for proposals for projects that focus on assistance to victims of sexual exploitation and abuse



The UN Trust Fund is providing financial support to projects that address gaps in services to assist and support victims, and sustainable economic empowerment with a focus on income generation activities.


Trust fund aims to finance organizations that provide support and assistance which include, but are not limited to the following services:


  • Medical services, including sexual and reproductive health services;
  • Psychosocial services, including dealing with stigma and discrimination;
  • Legal services and access to an effective remedy;
  • Immediate material care as necessary such as food, clothing, emergency safe shelter, education, and essential medicines and services.


  • Have the right to apply for participation in the competition:
    • United Nations agencies, funds and programmes
    • Non-governmental organizations that provide assistance and support services to these beneficiaries
  • The application must be completed in English
  • The Trust Fund funds cover project implementation for a given 6-24 months


Application deadline: October 15, 2022


Detailed information can be found at the following link: