A press tour to the camp of the IV National Jamboree ” Uly Dala murasy»

Organization ОО «Скауты Великой Степи»
Заказчик Министерство информации и общественного развития РК
Сроки реализации 2019
Сумма гранта:
Административные расходы
Материально-техническое обеспечение
Прямые расходы

August 17, 2019 to S. Ernazar held a press-tour to camp IV National Jamboree “Uly Dala mrsi”.

The event was implemented within grant project “observance of the international scout rally “Uly Dala mrsi”, organizers of which is the NGO “Scouts of the great Steppe”.

The IV National Jamboree was attended by 350 people, including participants from all regions of Kazakhstan, as well as from 9 countries (Great Britain, Croatia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Egypt, France, Tunisia and India).

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