Performance “We are of the same blood”

Social drama #you and I are of the same blood.

Running time -75 minutes.

The play “#we are of the same blood” is based on the legendary story of Joseph Rudyard Kipling “the jungle Book”, which is loved by more than one generation of people around the world.

The production takes the viewer to the modern realities of Kazakhstan, exacerbating the conflict between the deaf-mute boy and society. Orphan is one on one with the problems of injustice of the world, inner fortitude and courage Mowgli helps to cope with difficulties, and proclaims the values of goodness and love of freedom.

The boy’s surroundings, in his eyes, are hyperbolized into the images of his favorite book: the cunning Panther Bagheera, the wise Python Kaa, the evil tiger Shere Khan. Mowgli grows strong, fearless, merciless to the villains, but he has a kind and sympathetic heart. “Frog” Mowgli manages to comprehend the laws of friendship “we are of the same blood, You and I” and so it is surrounded by universal love. Mowgli is generous and noble. He bore no grudge against the people who shouted to him, ” go away!”after some time on the “laws of the jungle” was able to forgive them. He is a strong personality with a kind and honest heart. The anger and hostility of the hero opposes love and loyalty.

The most important task of the play is to convey to the viewer the faith in the beauty and harmony of the world.