Applications for the 4-day certification training “Climate change and conflicts” in Tashkent have been announced 

Publication: 05.08.2022

The Сertificate Training “Climate Change and Conflicts” from the OSCE Academy in Bishkek will provide participants with a comprehensive insight of the impact of climate change on the Central Asian region with a special focus on its impact on (social) conflict lines.


The training will combine academic contributions with classes in the field of conflict studies, providing participants with the opportunity to identify and analyze potential conflicts arising from the effects of climate change in the context of their country and the region as a whole.


Cost: Free of charge – the organizers of the training will cover the costs of transportation, accommodation and meals.


Language of the training: English



Have the right to apply for participation:

  • Researchers, activists, experts, and specialists from civil society, NGOs, and government organizations from Central Asian countries, Afghanistan, and Mongolia;
  • Candidates with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in social sciences or other related fields;


Application deadline: August 7, 2022


Detailed information can be found at the following link: