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Frequently asked Questions

How do you fight corruption in your Organization?

In order to comply with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On combating corruption", information and organizational activities are carried out with employees to form an anti-corruption culture, analysis of corruption risks.

As well as according to the results of the analysis of corruption risks of the Department of the Agency for Civil Service Affairs and anti-corruption in CISC approved the action Plan on the results of external analysis of corruption risks in the company's activities of July 23, 2019 to reduce the level of corruption risks.

What is the difference between grants and the state social order?

First, unlike the state social order, when selecting organizations in grant financing, the criterion of determining the lowest cost (dumping prices) is not applied. Thus, the main criterion in the selection of grantees is the technical proposal of NGOs, where it reveals the essence of the project.

Secondly, grant funding allows NGOs to use 10% of the grant amount for logistical support of the organization.

Third, grants can be financed from budgetary and extra-budgetary sources (grants are state grants provided at the expense of budgetary funds, and non-state grants provided from extra-budgetary sources by individuals and legal entities, international and foreign organizations on a voluntary basis).

Which government agencies provide funding for government grants?

According to articles 4-1, 4-2 of the Law "on state social order, grants and awards for non-governmental organizations in the Republic of Kazakhstan" of 12 April 2005, the authorized bodies for allocating grants through the Operator are: the Ministry of Information and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and local Executive bodies.

Currently, the main donor of state grants is the Ministry of social development of Kazakhstan.

Who and how can receive a state grant?

Any NGO information about which is contained in the database of non-governmental organizations can take part in the competition for the provision of state grants.

Who forms topics of grants?

The plan of grants for NGOs with themes is formed by the Ministry of information and social development of the Republic of Kazakhstan or local Executive bodies on the basis of priorities of the state policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, strategic and program documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan, messages of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as proposals of state bodies and non-governmental organizations. Their suggestions can be send to the email address with the mandatory application of cover letter.