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Employees contacts

Position Full name Official telephone Email address
CEO Batima Mukina 22-12-91
Deputy CEO Gulbanu Zamanbekova 20-32-95
Deputy CEO Zhanar Tulegenova 22-10-84
Office manager Zhanar Kalenova 22-12-91
Corporate secretary
Corporate Secretary Saltanat Alenova 22-11-18
Internal Audit Service
Head of the Service Zaure Kalina 22-12-42
Department of Analytics and Strategic Development
Director Saule Mukhanova 20-30-68
Manager on regional development Rinat Zhussupov 22-12-23
PR manager Dana Mukhamedzhanova 22-11-32
Manager analytics Kazhymukhan Maksutbek 22-12-24
Department of Project Management
Director Munira Abulova 22-11-35
Project Manager Kuralai Zhaksybergenova 22-11-35
Grant manager Assel Sarbalina 22-11-18
Project Manager Mukhtar Amankeldiyev 22-12-26
Project Manager Zharkyn Doldat 22-13-23
Project Manager Aigerim Karimova 22-12-38
Project Manager Madina Mazhranova 22-12-24
Project Manager Shugila Yergaliyeva 22-11-18
Project Manager Shyryn Tlenchieva 22-11-35
Project Manager вакансия 22-13-88
Administrative and Legal Support Department
Director Aliya Turlubekova 22-12-81
Office manager Assel Bekbossynova 22-12-42
Manager Assel Kerimova 22-12-23
Economic and Financial Department
Director Aidar Rakysh 22-14-34
Chief accountant Lazzat Makhanbetzhanova 22-14-11
Economist Aslan Sariev 22-13-24
Manager on Government Contract Aselkhsan Ibrakhim 22-13-24
+7 (7172) 22-12-91
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